Portraiture Professional Headshots for Corporate Business
  • $875.00 first two hours include location in NYC area
  •  $100.00 per hour is the normal charge after the first two hours
  • Manhattan or Brooklyn studio is separate + $50.00 per hour week days and $75.00 weekends minimum 2 hours.
  • Preview low resolution delivered FTP within 24 hrs or same night
  • No Photoshop included, however, adjustments are performed once All Final Selects are chosen will be delivered FTP within 48 hrs ( business hours ). If selections are not returned within this time frame will take longer to return your images since photographer has to fit you between projects.
  • Each selected file includes high-resolution files for future reproduction and small JPEG files for their use on the internet
  • Professional Retouch available on request (Photoshop retouch not included with labor) please check our options.
Portraiture Professional Headshots for individual
  • $550.00
  • two hours in Studio and or on Location (per individual)
  • 3 full retouch files
  • Delivery via FTP of all shoot included
  •  includes high-resolution files for future reproduction and small JPEG files for their use on the internet

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Headshot Portfolio

Please note that you are paying for services Include basic retouch. More retouch files are only on request included on the FTP. Although all Digital Negatives from session are available for sale $375 exclusive rights

Additional Services

Partners :

Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist are separate.

Make up charge range from $175.00 one look to $450.00 for 6 hours depends on MUA.

Hair stylist charge from $175 one look, to $300 three looks.  – 6hrs. $450

This is optional but highly recommended. Good make-up and hair do make a difference on this notice take on a consideration that a good picture (well light, good focus, right expression) is the responsibility of the photographer. Your hair makeup, grooming, wardrobe are client responsibility. Examples of makeup artist work are available upon request.

Digital negatives on CD $25.00 (does not include retouching or prints and exclude retouching or prints with any package)

$25.00 Basic Retouch: retouch scars, little imperfections that distract from the eyes in addition to dust and small adjustments on brightness and contrast. no more that 10 minutes per image.
$48.00 Full Retouch: smooth skin, selective sharpen and blur, color calibration for print and web, adjustments on brightness and contrast. one hour worth of work.

To see better examples please visit Professional Retouch Page.

How to Prepare for your Portraits

Trust your photographer and ask him for recommendations and don’t forget to let him know what the final purpose of your pictures. If you what to be a model your portfolio is going to look different than an actress or actor. If you are a model for high fashion is going to be different than a model for commercial. If you are not sure what to wear for you photo shoot follow these recommendations.


Bring at least 4 changes. Is better having more than not enough? Yes!
As far colors, mid-tones are better. Avoid plain white because the contrast conflict with lighting. Try to wear color close to your skin tone this help to accentuate you natural features.


Do you have a long or short a neck? This is important if you have a short neck you need V-neck because lengthens the neck. Turtlenecks completely hide the neck, which is unflattering and should be avoided. Even if you’re not, V-neck tops or shirts are always a good choice. Round neckline shortens the neck. A collared shirt with a V-neck or a few buttons undone is a good idea.

Arms and sleeves

This is a similar concept as the neck. Do you have thin arms or strong arms? Some of your shots are full body shoots. With slim arms you can wear anything. If you have strong arms is recommended to bring tops with sleeves long enough to cover your shoulders up to your elbows or at least most of your triceps and biceps.

Patters and logos:

Avoid bold colors and crazy stripes patterns or any kind of patterns. This will present distraction from your face and figure the same thing goes for logos or writing.


Avoid distracting accessories such as large shiny jewelry. If you have pierced ears, nose or lips use studs or not the all. No matter how much you think you love your accessories remember we don’t want anything that will take the focus from your face.


If you wear glasses bring the frames only with out the lenses. If your glasses are anti-reflection we can work with it but still can cause lighting reflections.

Letter and jeans jackets are not recommended since the 80’s ended almost 20 years ago. But if is your have favorite jacket then bring it. Wear something that make feel comfortable don’t worry your photographer will let you know if works or not. Jeans are very causal. At least you really need a pictures with jeans is better have something more formal. Remember that you want to look your best and offer something that the others don’t have.

Make Up:

If there is a make up artist available for you session remember that make up artist is there for you. Same as the photographer we are there to work with you. If you know that specific look make you look good then you have to communicate that to the make up artist. If you are not very experience with make up. That is ok you can and should bring tear sheets from magazines and explain make up artist what is what you want. Then she will advice you what she thinks will be best for you for the specific image you want to achieve. The success of you photo session depends of you. Yes! It is all about communication. what is what you need so we can serve you better?

Comfort and companion:

Yes you can bring a close friend who helps you relax and feel at ease. If you are under 18 is studio policy that an adult is present at all times you mom, dad. If photographer feels that the guest is affecting the photo shoot. The guest will be asking to wait outside of the studio for 10 minutes while the session is complete. This is very rare to happen as very few exceptions were moms are too exited and are putting to much pressure on the kids.

Please contact you photographer preview to you photo session and make sure what time is you appointment. Be on time not to early or late, If you are too early you may be jumping at the end of someone else photo shoot. If you are late that will cut time from you actual shoot. Sessions are calculated from (1 ½ to 2-3 hours depending on your package) with make up and pictures review included. you get to select your images. You will seat in the photographer on the Viewer Station and you will go through your entire session from which you pick your favorites images.

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