Photoshop or not to Photoshop?

That is the often question. The answer it's simple

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Professional Retouch for Headshot BASIC

While is in your website or business profile your head shot becomes your business card. This image becomes the first impression someone will have of your persona. BASIC simple basic retouch can enhance this experience for your public or poetical clients. Retouch does not means change your image. By diminishing certain distracting aspects of the image the quality of your portrait increases. Good photoshop looks like there is no photoshop. You can try option A if you think more work is required you can upgrade to PREMIUM.

Option BASIC $25.00 per image. this option is primary for hair. Corrects static and freeze hair.
Option PREMIUM $48.00 per image. The work covers all details. eyes bags, neck lines, hair, smooth skin. price reflects. depending on your skin if smooth,


Professional Retouch for Headshot PREMIUM

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Service of professional digital retouch is $50.00 per hr. please contact for estimate.